Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Bread for October 25

I'll have the Rosemary Polenta this week, along with Country French, sprouted grain, semolina, and the dark rye. For the first time in my 8-month odyssey of getting permits, failing to get permits, having to re-do permits and so forth, a representative from the County is going to actually visit the site of our bakery and let me know what is possible. I am very excited about this, but it will be happening at a critical time of the day for me and it might mean a slightly lighter supply of sweets. However, I should have two or three varieties of cookies, the flourless chocolate cake, and maybe some tartlets. Probably no croissants though, sorry.

See you on Thursday from 5-7 on Main Street! (Lately Gracie and I have been selling out before 7 PM pretty regularly, so if you come by toward the end and nobody's there, that's what happened!)

--Erik Ryberg