Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Bread for November 1 and Thanks for a Great Couple of Years!

This will be my last week selling bread on Main Street.

We still have two separate permits to obtain from the County before we can begin construction on our bakery, but I feel confident we will get them. There are many obstacles remaining, and we are not going to be allowed to do most of the things you would expect from a bakery. Our menu is pretty restricted, we cannot have any seating, and everything we sell has to be fully packaged before it can be displayed or sold. I  am trying press on and stay optimistic, but I have been very frustrated that the County is enforcing to the absolute letter regulations that other restaurants in the valley don't seem to have to follow at all. For example, just this week I purchased a non-packaged burrito from the Chevron Station in Fort Jones, which has no hand-washing facilities at all in their sales area and whose sales people do not wash their hands in between purchases. We have to have hand-washing facilities and we cannot sell unpackaged items, even if we use tongs to put our displayed products in a bag. But I have found it only makes things worse to bring these kinds of things up, and I am not interested in bringing the County's focus onto other restaurants in the valley anyway.

The good news is, we will at least be able to sell our breads and pastries, even if every last one of them has to be fully enclosed in a bag before it ever leaves the kitchen. (If you want to buy 12 cookies, be ready to open a lot of bags.)

For this last week, Gracie and I will have Country French, parmesan-pepper, semolina, sprouted grain, and dark rye. We'll have more cookies than usual, too, and hopefully a cake or two.

It's been a great honor to be able to sell so much bread in this small town! It's been two and a half years now and I've sold over 10,000 loaves of bread and twice that many cookies. I'm very grateful for all my customers, and I hope you will visit us when the storefront opens, which should be soon. Before Christmas.

See you on Main Street from 5-7!

--Erik Ryberg


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