Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bread for June 28

I received a new batch of just-milled whole wheat flour and a batch of just-sprouted sprouted grain flour (not that unusual -- I get a delivery almost once a week) from Running Rabbit Mills. We are so fortunate here to have this wheat available to us! You can buy some to try yourself at the Etna Farmer's Market on Saturdays -- you don't have to buy it in 25 lb bags like I do. The grower/malter/miller Dave Krell has been working with me to tweak his process, as the sprouting aspect is new to both of us. Those of you who have been buying this bread have probably noticed some slight flavor changes as Dave and I experiment with our technique. The bread has been getting milder, but also much easier to work with, and I have decided I favor the more intense sprouted flavor so he let this batch go a little longer. We'll see if I am able to make decent bread with it. I cannot believe my luck that this flour is even available to me, grown right here in the valley and delivered to my door!

I'll have the sprouted grain, possibly a German loaf that contains a bit of rye, flax, and a tiny bit of buttermilk. I don't usually add fat to my breads (holiday breads and Challah excepted), preferring to stick to the basic building blocks of flour, salt, and water, but I thought I'd give this a try as it is an ancient recipe. I've been experimenting with it and if all turns out as it should and I don't get carried away and try to make it with Dave's sprouted grains, I'll have a few loaves on Thursday. I'll also have Country French and semolina, and maybe something more unusual.

I should have a few cookies, and maybe something with raspberries.

Gracie and I sold out early yet again last week, so once again I will be increasing my bake. Hopefully we will make it all the way to 7 tomorrow.

See you Thursday on Main Street from 5-7!

--Erik Ryberg


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  2. Retry...
    Hi Erik--I need 7 loaves for Sunday--probably a mix of Country French and Sprouted Grain. First, is that too large an order for you on such short notice? If it's not, would you prefer that I pick them up tomorrow or Saturday?

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