Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bread for May 24

Quite a few people told me not to give up the Thursday bread stand, so I will keep that through the summer, assuming I still have enough customers.

This week I will have the sprouted grain whole wheat, made from local non-GMO flour grown without artificial herbicides or pesticides. You can check it out at www.runningrabbitmills.com. I expect I will also have a light deli sandwich rye, also in organic. I will also have Country French and golden raisin and oat.

I'll have a variety of sweets as well. This might be the last run of the flourless chocolate cake for awhile. I have some blueberries and some raspberries so I will think of something to do with those. And of course there should be one or two varieties of cookies.

Some of my customers have complained about this Website. They have told me it is cumbersome to use and does not allow them to make special orders. I agree it is cumbersome to reply through the Website because you have to use some kind of Facebook or other site's login information. It's a free site and that is how it is set up -- I cannot change it. But you can always call me (I'm in the book) or email me, which is my last name at sisqtel.net. I don't often take special orders for bread because it is too time consuming to make just a few loaves of some variety. But if you need 15 or more loaves, I can do that. I can also do pastries if you order enough of them. But it's best to call me or email me.

--Erik Ryberg

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  1. sprouted grain whole wheat & light deli sandwich rye. 4 chocolate chip cookies please. I like your site and thank you for keeping Thurs. 😀