Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bread for May 17

On June 9 the Etna Farmer's Market will start up. I will be there again this year with breakfast pastries, breads, usually baguettes, and cookies. I am uncertain whether I will continue the Thursday evening bread stand. I would be interested to hear from people about that; my Thursday sales went down quite a bit last summer because people would pick up their bread on Saturdays. I usually had a pretty big spread of breakfast pastries on Saturdays, and that brought a lot of people down to the market. On the other hand, many stuck with the Thursday time. If you have strong feelings about it, let me know. It's more work for me to do two days, but Saturdays are already pretty chaotic so baking an extra 70 loaves of bread in those morning hours might be more than I can do anyway. I have a hard time getting up much before three AM.

This week we will have British Farmhouse in organic, and possibly a few of the Buckwheats. I wasn't happy with their very low oven spring last week and I am going to mess around with a few changes in technique to try to get more lift out of them. If it works, I'll bring them. Of course there will be Country French, and Semolina. I'll probably have a some of the American Sourdough with toasted pumpkin seeds in the sandwich loaf style (I haven't got a name for that recipe yet), and probably something with walnuts.

There will be cookies, the flourless cake, and I hope some pasta. Along with a few other items as usual.

See you on Main Street from 5-7 PM on Thursday!

--Erik Ryberg

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  1. I like Thursday. Saturday was hard for us. 2 Sourdoughs with toasted pumpkin seeds and 4 chocolate cookies and 1 pasta please