Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Bread for April 5, and an announcement

As many of you know, two friends of mine and I are attempting to open a real bakery, at 445 Main Street in Etna. At first, it will be a take-out only place operating out of the back; soon we hope to open something a little more customer-friendly in the front.

I'm getting a lot of help from my friends at Paystreak Brewing and Dotty's Restaurant, people who have already waded through the numerous obstacles in the way of getting a fully permitted commercial kitchen installed in an old building, working with a county bureaucracy that is not totally motivated or fully funded to be entirely supportive. It's tremendously expensive, even when you already have the bread oven. It's very possible the ventilation hood over the oven will exceed the cost of all my other equipment combined, something that gives me heart palpitations every time I think about it. Which is often.

What this means for all of you is that I will be a little light on pastries for the next few weeks, and bread varieties may drop a bit, too, but I am trying hard to keep a good variety available. Each week I try for an organic loaf, a traditional sandwich loaf, something with seeds or savory ingredients, and something sweeter with cranberries or raisins in it, along with the Country French. I'm going to try to keep doing that, but I hope you will all be patient if the tarts and cakes come a little less frequently, or I miss a bread variety. I assure you the selection will be very good once we open!

This week I will have the Country French, semolina sandwich loaf, cranberry-walnut, and organic British Farmhouse. I have a line on a healthy rosemary bush; if that pans out I'll also have the rosemary-polenta with roasted pumpkin seeds. I'll have cookies. I have some blueberries so will probably make another cheesecake, but may not get to it. I'll try to throw a few lemon tartlets together.

My email address is my last name at sisqtel.net.

See you Thursday on Main Street!

--Erik Ryberg

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  1. Eric, time got away from me again; got anything left over? thanks, nina