Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Bread for April 19

I hope everyone can still afford bread after tax day. If not, there's also cake!

I'm still a little rushed but I should have Country French, organic British Farmhouse, Semolina, and yes! The Rosemary Polenta. Those might be in smaller loaves, for $5.00.

I should have a good variety of pastries, and at least the chocolate chip cookies. I'm making a German cherry cake that keeps well and can be eaten as a dessert with a little whipped cream or ice cream, or for breakfast. And if there aren't many of you, then both. Which is my personal favorite.

But best of all, my friend S. gave me the most beautiful eggs, with bright, rich yolks. Her chickens range freely and are fed organic, non-GMO feed. I decided the best use of these was pasta, and made a large batch of it with some good organic, hard, red winter wheat flour. It's beautiful!

See you on Thursday on Main Street!

Wednesday Morning edit: I forgot to mention, there will also be a sprouted grain whole wheat, with the grain coming from Running Rabbit Mills here in the Valley! We are very excited to be able to make and supply this unique bread.

Erik Ryberg

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  1. Love the M.A. reference--gave me my first chuckle of the day! It'll be bread for us though. Sprouted grain and rosemary polenta, please :)