Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bread for Thursday, March 22

It's possible this will be the last week that it's cold enough to have pastries out that require chilling, but we've made it a lot further along in the season than I thought we would. I'll probably have another cheesecake, some lemon tartlets, the chocolate flourless cake, and probably something else. I'll have a few varieties of cookies.

For bread, the organic variety will be the American Sourdough loaf, although I will probably have a couple loaves of caraway rye, too, which will also be organic. Organic caraway seeds cost a fortune, so I won't have too many of these.

I'll also have Country French and probably a batard with roasted pumpkin seeds.

I'll have a small amount of pasta, too.

--Erik Ryberg


  1. 4 chocolate chip cookies
    caraway rye

  2. I forgot to mention my in-laws will be picking up thank you