Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bread for March 15

I have been playing around with flour milled from sprouted grains. Dave Krell of Running Rabbit Mills has been experimenting with sprouting his wheat just prior to milling. It creates an extremely aromatic flour, adds a whole new flavor profile, and seems to be nearly impossible to make aesthetically acceptable bread with!

The grain is moistened and allowed to just barely sprout. It is then immediately dried, to keep it from continuing to grow, and then milled. 

It has no discernible gluten at all and dough made from it falls to pieces in my hands when I try to fold it. It barely rises at all. Its crust is sensitive and the bottom crust seems to burn much more easily than my other breads. However, it makes a moist crumb and has a strong flavor that I like a lot.

So, I am still experimenting with it. I'll probably add a little bit of this flour to a regular whole-wheat loaf for this week, so if you are interested in getting a slight taste of this unique baking ingredient, pick up one of those.

I'll also have cranberry-walnut this week, Country French, and semolina. The whole wheat loaf will be made with 1/2 organic flour and 1/2 flour from Running Rabbit, which is not yet certified but is made from non-GMO wheat and uses no herbicides or pesticides. You can check out their Website for more.

I found some strawberries that didn't break the bank so I may do something with those. I will have at least two varieties of cookies, and probably some lemon tarts, maybe a blueberry tart, possibly a cheesecake of some kind, and likely the flourless chocolate cake. Maybe some kind of creamy thing with  raspberries.

I am going to try for knackebrod but may not make it.

See you Thursday on Main Street!


  1. cranberry-walnut
    4 chocolate chip cookies

  2. Eric, I missed you tonight; do you have anything left over? thanks, nina 5413013331 text

  3. Is your flourless cake gluten free?

  4. Hello Katy, yes, the flourless cake is gluten-free. It contains only chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, salt, and cocoa powder.