Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bread for March 1

I've been putting off going to Medford for supplies and the cupboard is starting to look a little bare. I'd make more cheesecakes, but I have nothing to put on them. I could make them plain, but I always preferred some berries on a cheesecake.

There are always lemons this time of year, so I'll have the lemon tartlets again, and a number of other sweets, including ginger cookies and the flourless chocolate cake. I've been working on a Shaker Lemon Pie my mother used to make, but transformed into a Shaker Lemon Tart, but it probably won't be perfected in time.

As for bread, there will be the Country French, semolina, buckwheat, British Farmhouse, and the American Sourdough Loaf I had a few weeks ago, which many have been asking for again.

The buckwheat and the British Farmhouse will be organic.

I will also have a limited amount of pasta and knackebrot.

See you on Main Street from 5-7 PM!

--Erik Ryberg

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  1. FYI We are out of town tomorrow we have to pass this week on bread 😏