Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bread for February 22

It's been a long week for me. I know I will have Country French, golden-raisin and oat batards, semolina sourdough, and I think I will have a walnut round. I don't have enough organic caraway seeds left for organic rye, so the organic will probably be the British Farmhouse again. (I hope to get to Ashland next week for more organic caraway seeds.) I may also have an organic buckwheat -- I certainly will if anyone asks for it before 2 PM on Wednesday.

I'll have chocolate chip cookies, a small number of the oatmeal-pecan cookies, and probably some ginger snaps. If I can find blueberries I'll make another cheesecake. I noticed some cranberries in my freezer, saved from the holidays, so I may try to do something with those.

I should have knackebrod -- I mixed the dough today and should be able to bake tomorrow, and I made fresh pasta today so I will have that.

See you Thursday from 5-7 PM on Main Street! My email address is

--Erik Ryberg


  1. semolina sourdough
    3 chocolate chip.cookies
    1 pasta
    Please and thank you