Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bread for Thursday, January 4

It's been so cold, and I have eaten so many holiday sweets, that I find myself thinking more about darker breads. I'll probably have, in addition to the Country French, a "Pain Complet" French sourdough with organic white and whole-wheat flour, a rye, possibly a few of the buckwheat sourdough, and most likely something with walnuts. I will also have a few of the semolina sandwich loaves.

I'll have a small number of chocolate-chip cookies, a few of the lemon-cream tartlets, and some other sweets, in addition most likely to some savory tarts, probably in both large and small sizes.

I will also have knackebrod and pasta.

See you Thursday from 5-7 PM!


  1. semolina, the something with walnut and 2 chocolate chip cookies please. Happy New Year

  2. Eric! Hi! It's Cathleen. Just FYI. I will NOT be there tonight. If you could please extend my week until next week, that would be GREAT! Thanks Cat