Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bread for January 25

It looks as if I will have the semolina, an organic caraway rye, the Country French, and either a raisin walnut or a raisin oat. I may have a few organic buckwheats on hand, too.

I'll have a few packages of fresh pasta, and sourdough rye-crisp crackers. I won't have the banana bread because Ray's was out of over-ripe organic bananas today -- the first time that's happened!

I'm using up my pecans so will have the pecan cookies again, along with chocolate chip cookies and the flourless chocolate cake. I'm sure I will have some tarts available as well.

--Erik Ryberg


  1. Semolina, Raisin walnut if you have one, pasta and 3 chocolate chip cookies please

  2. Eric!!! Sounds so good, but I will not be there tonight. Next week - YES! Thanks so much! Cathleen

  3. Hope its not too late but neither set of Whipples will need bread today. See you next Thursday!