Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bread for January 18

This week there will be Country French, semolina, golden raisin and oat, and an organic buckwheat. I may mix something else, too.

We will have chocolate chip as well as oatmeal-pecan cookies, the banana bread/cake, lemon tartlets, and probably some other sweets and savories.

My customer M. told me a funny story about the lemon tartlets. She was visiting her daughter in Chico and they stopped at a bakery where her daughter urged her to try a lemon tartlet. She said, "Oh, we have those in Etna" and her daughter didn't believe her. M. took a taste of her daughter's tartlet and was surprised to discover it was not only like the ones in Etna, it was exactly like the ones in Etna. So she said to her daughter, "Yep, just like in Etna." To which her daughter responded, "That's impossible."

As I told M., it actually isn't surprising the tartlets were so similar. That lemon custard recipe is one of the oldest recipes in any baker's repertoire -- it probably stems from the Roman era. (The crust is also a standard French sweetcrust). It's a bit of a chemistry experiment to pull off properly, but the ingredients are simple and the recipe is well known and has been a standard for many centuries. (As always, I will give any of my recipes away, as well as starter -- just ask!)

See you on Thursday from 5-7 PM on Main Street!

--Erik Ryberg

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