Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bread for January 11

This week we should have the cranberry-walnut again, owing to oft-stated customer disappointment when it is not available. Also there will be Country French, whole wheat, and semolina. The organic bread this week will be my seeded variety. I was able to pick up organic flax, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds recently at a price that did not bankrupt me (quite) so I can now make small amounts of this bread fully organic.

I'll probably make the buckwheat again just because I like it and I usually get to take one home for myself!

There will be a small batch of lemon tarts, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal-pecan cookies, the gluten-free chocolate cake, a few knackebrod (really!) and probably some tarts of some kind.

You can always reach my be email; the email address is my last name at sisqtel.net.

See you Thursday from 5-7 PM on Main Street!

--Erik Ryberg

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