Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bread for December 28

This week we will have the Country French, almost-100% organic cranberry-walnut, buckwheat, organic caraway rye, and semolina.

I will have a few tarts and probably the gluten-free chocolate cake, by the slice. I am hoping to have a gluten-free citrus breakfast cake, and maybe something more on the savory side as well.

Gracie has prohibited me from ceasing to offer the lemon tarts, but I probably won't have a full batch of them, so if you want one, order ahead or show up early.

I am assuming everyone has quit eating cookies now that Christmas is over, but I'll probably have a few on hand for the stragglers.

My email address is just my last name, at sisqtel.net. See you on Thursday from 5-7!

--Erik Ryberg

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