Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bread for December 14

This week I will have the Country French rounds, a deli rye (no caraway) in the sandwich loaf, the rosemary-polenta, a very small number of walnut loaves, and probably something holiday-ish, but I haven't decided what yet. I'll also have a few loaves of the semolina, in a sandwich style.

I will have a few knackebrods (the rye crackers) and a few packages of pasta. I should have a small number of croissants, and lemon-cream tartlets. I will make another of the gluten-free chocolate cakes this week, but perhaps offer slightly smaller slices (for a lower price). The cake is rich enough that a smaller slice will probably do for one person.

I hope to have at least one of the banana breads, and some other kind of tart as well. If there is time, I will have the Alsatian onion tart that many of  you have been asking for.

See you on Thursday from 5-7 PM!

UPDATE: I will be making a Swedish Limpa, which is an aromatic Swedish sourdough made with orange zest, anise, and fennel. A great holiday loaf. I'll probably make them a little smaller, and they will be $5.00 each.

--Erik Ryberg

1 comment:

  1. 1 rosemary-polenta
    1 pasta
    1 Swedish Limpa
    Chocolate chip cookies?
    We will be making Gingerbread houses at 5:30 so hoping to be there 6:30-6:45
    Thank you!