Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bread for Thursday, November 30

I got plenty of positive responses on the cranberry-fennel loaves I sold last week, so I'll have a few smaller loaves of those available. I think they are good, too! It's my own formula, with a little bit of semolina flour, and really good organic cranberries. They are extremely pricey but I think they are far superior to the others I have found. If I could only find organic semolina flour this would be an entirely organic loaf other than the fennel seeds, but even those I harvested in my own garden; they were grown without any pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers. (But of course my home garden is not certified organic.)

I should also have the Rosemary-polenta with toasted pumpkin seeds, and a few caraway-rye organic sandwich loaves. I'll also have the organic British Farmhouse. Has anyone noticed the subtle change I've made to that formula in the past few weeks? I wonder.

Of course I will also have Country French, and just a few loaves of the sourdough Buckwheat and few more of the Semolina in the sandwich style.

My friend B. gave me a bag of home-grown lemons so I'll have the lemon cream tartlets yet again -- they sell out every time -- and maybe even the Moroccan lemon-almond cookies, since I'll need to do something with all that lemon zest (which the lemon-cream tartlets do not use).

I'll have a few varieties of cookies and a few of the banana breads. I've gotten a lot of comments about the banana bread, mostly from people who question whether it is even banana bread at all. It is! It is just a lot lighter and (in my opinion) better than most banana bread. It is leavened with baking powder and eggs, and contains the usual banana bread ingredients, but is made with a very light hand that gives it the softer, more delicate interior.

I will also have the gluten-free cranberry-lemon pound cake again, but this time in smaller, six-inch sizes. This is a very good dessert but I and others have found it serves equally well, maybe better, as a breakfast cake. I have been playing around some with gluten-free cakes and may have another one as well, for those of you with friends or family who avoid gluten.

I seem to have a lot of apples over here, too. Maybe I'll try to do something with those.

I'm testing a less-finicky croissant dough and if my tests work out, there may be a few chocolate palmiers on hand. But that's a little iffy.

See you on Thursday, from 5-7!

--Erik Ryberg

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  1. 1 Rosemary-polenta with toasted pumpkin seeds
    1 gluten-free cranberry-lemon pound cake
    Your cranberry shortbread tart was amazing