Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bread for November 9

Well, it looks like we are heading back into the period where I am doing this in the dark! I am excited for the winter however.

I will have the Country French and organic British Farmhouse, along with the semolina sandwich loaves. I will also have a raisin-walnut, and most likely something else as well. Possibly the rosemary-polenta with toasted pumpkin seeds.

I'll have one or two varieties of cookies, and possibly lemon cream tartlets, which are small tarts in a hard, sweet shell. Very French. I made a dozen of them last week and knocked the entire tray onto the floor! Every shell shattered into pieces. I'll try again for tomorrow.

If I have the time I'll try for another few of the banana breads, since they sold out so quickly last week.

See you on Main Street from 5-7! Don't forget, Paystreak Brewing is open across the street with beer and food! They are open until 10 PM on Thursdays.

--Erik Ryberg

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  1. 1 semolina and 1 rosemary-polenta with toasted pumpkin seeds
    3 chocolate chip cookies