Sunday, July 16, 2017

Anyone going to Costco this week?

I try to keep costs down by getting supplies in Medford as rarely as possible -- usually once a month, but I am trying to get that down to once every six weeks. Most of what I buy there can be stored or frozen without a loss of quality -- flour, butter, chocolate, sugar, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. For fresh fruits, berries, and herbs I rely on what my customers can point me to or give me, what grows in my own garden, or whatever is available locally.

But on my last supply run to Medford, I forgot to get vanilla! I use the 16-ounce Kirkland brand of pure vanilla extract from Costco. I hate to drive all the way to Medford just for vanilla, but comparable vanilla available locally costs about four or five times as much, and my profit margin on the things that use it is already so low. (I think the Costco vanilla is about 25 or 30 dollars.)

If you are headed that way and willing to pick up a bottle for me, please let me know! I'm at 467-3354.

--Erik Ryberg

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