Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bread for Thursday, May 25

Now that the weather has finally changed, I can start thinking about local ingredients again. Most of you know I use whole-wheat flour from Running Rabbit Mills here in the Scott Valley, but I also try to use local ingredients as much as possible. I don't currently have chickens, but when I did, their eggs made their way into my cookies and pasta. If you were lucky enough to get a plum galette last year, those plums came from my own tree. I grow my own thyme, sage, coriander, and other herbs, and luckily my friends W and G have a healthy rosemary plant -- if you bought a loaf of the polenta bread last week, that was their rosemary you tasted. If you got the fennel-cherry-rye a few weeks ago, the rye berries were steeped in fresh-squeezed orange juice from beautiful blood-red oranges that weren't exactly local, but that were given to me by a customer from her friend's tree.

If you have extra of something this season, particularly fruit, I'd love to hear about it and get a chance to come pick some. Let me know! And if you care to try something unusual in your garden (or farm!) please consider caraway. The caraway I buy is but a shadow of what it could be, if more fresh. I will pay handsomely for good, local caraway.

This week I'll have the Country French, a few soudough buckwheat boules, some kind of sourdough sandwich loaf that I haven't decided on yet, and the golden raisin and oat batards. I have mixed feelings about Bob's Red Mill, but I have to say, the extra-thick oats that company sells are quite good, and I can get them in 20-lb bags.

I'll probably have some oatmeal cookies and at least one other variety.

See you on Main Street, 5-7 PM on Thursday!

--Erik Ryberg

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  1. sourdough sandwich loaf, golden raisin and oat batard, and 4 oatmeal cookies.