Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bread for May 4

I still have some raisins and some walnuts (good organic walnuts!) so I will have the raisin-walnut sourdough boule, as well as the golden raisin and oat batard. I always hear about it when I don't offer that one.

I'll have caraway rye in the sandwich loaf and maybe a few loaves of plain rye too, for those of you who turn up your noses at aromatic caraway. I am aiming for the seeded loaf as well, but that one might not happen.

I will have Country French and, if I get time, I will also make a version of it that contains a small amount of pumpernickel flour, a very traditional pain de campagne variety. The flavor difference is subtle but there's a slight change in the texture of both the crust and the crumb, and it's always fun for me to mix it up a little bit.

I will also have pasta and at least a few cookies.

A few of you have been asking for bread-bowl loaves, which I have been experimenting with. I am unsure this is a productive use of sourdough, so have been using commercial yeast to create smallish, crusty, round loaves with white flour. The difficulty is keeping the price down, as they involve nearly as much labor as a Country French boule and only a tiny bit less cost in materials. (One place I can save is that I can fit quite a few more of them in the oven in a single bake, which is a big advantage in fuel and time savings.) So I am still puzzling over that. If you are someone who might be interested in purchasing such a thing, I'd be interested to know what you think is a fair price.

See you Thursday at 5 PM!

--Erik Ryberg

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