Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bread for Thursday, March 9

This weather has prevented me from making my scheduled flour run, so I am a little low on flour this week. This means if you want Country French and you aren't a subscriber, you might not get it. But there will be other breads on hand..

To stretch things out a bit I'll be offering more varieties that use at least some other grains. I have plenty of whole wheat flour, thank goodness, because I get that locally from Running Rabbit Mills, so I'll have some whole wheat loaves this week. This is extremely flavorful flour, a standout bread with butter and honey.

I strove mightily to have a batch of buckwheat loaves available last week, and failed. The fermentation was just a hair slower than I predicted, and dang it if the baguettes and the buckwheat all came ready at once, with only room in the oven for one or the other, and me with that 5 PM deadline hard by. I'll try again this week.

I think I have enough raisins left for a small batch of the raisin-oat, and I should have one or two cranberry-walnuts as well as the regular walnut sourdough. I do not believe I will have enough white flour left for baguettes this week.

I'm hoping to have an unusually large selection of cookies, however. If you like cookies, please buy some so I don't have to bring them home and eat them myself. What, I wonder, is the market for ginger snaps here in Etna? I grew up on the things, but learned as an adult that not everyone else did, or considers that a loss. I hope to have a few on hand to test the waters.

There will be a small batch of pasta available too.

I am looking forward to the coming weeks. We move our clocks forward next week, so this will be my last evening standing in the dark,until October.  That will be a nice change for me.

--Erik Ryberg


  1. 1 cranberry-walnuts, 1 whole wheat loaf, 1 Pasta and cookies. We promise to show up :)

  2. We would love a raisin-oat loaf and a whole wheat loaf.
    Thank you !

  3. Also ginger snaps are always welcome in our household :)