Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bread for March 30

*Please note I will be out of town and not be selling bread on April 20*

My mixer died this week, while I was experimenting with the peanut butter cookies. I had already mixed some chocolate chip and ginger-snap dough (they both need long rests before being shaped and baked) but that might be all the cookies for awhile.

But don't worry about the bread -- that's still mixed by hand. This week I will have plain sourdough rye, and sourdough seeded sandwich loaves as well as the Country French and whole-wheat boules. I will probably have a few buckwheat boules and a few walnut boules as well. I will have a few packages of pasta.

See you Thursday on Main Street, from 5:00 to 7:00!

--Erik Ryberg


  1. Chocolate chip cookies (4), sourdough rye and pasta please

  2. Erik - please hold 1 pkg. pasta, 1 walnut and 1 sourdough rye. Jack West