Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bread for Thursday, March 2

Last week I complained about baking with rye, and how sticky it is. This week I want to complain about buckwheat. Buckwheat flour is actually unrelated to wheat at all -- it's a native of the rhubarb family. So as low as rye is in gluten, and as unworkable as it is, buckwheat's worse.

It also ferments exceptionally quickly, so a baker must never take his eyes off the dough, and be ready to divide the dough, shape the loaves, and bake on short notice.

Buckwheat is a tough cover crop that grows in poor soils, and at one time a significant amount of a Northern European's caloric intake likely came from buckwheat.

It has a nutty, rich flavor that complements many breads, and so I continue to struggle with it. I hope to have some kind of buckwheat offering this week, along with the other varieties I had last week. Walnut and cranberry-walnut loaves will be $6.00; seeded, light rye, caraway rye, raisin-oat and Country French will all be $5.00.

I'll also have pasta and cookies, and anything else I have time to whip up on Thursday.

--Erik Ryberg

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  1. Sorry we have to skip this week we are out of town :(