Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Bread for Thursday, December 8

I still have some walnuts left so I will make a few loaves of walnut-cranberry and possibly also some walnut-raisin. There may not be very many of these.

I will also have the rye sandwich loaves and I may do a raisin-oat or a seeded sandwich loaf as well.

As always, there will be the Country French.

Subscribers should have something sweet (and free) to nibble on while waiting in the cold. Maybe a chocolate-espresso sable cookie?

I'm also getting closer to a suitable loaf of 100 percent whole wheat, made from local, freshly-milled flour from Running Rabbit Mills in Fort Jones. This has been a challenge for me but if I can wrangle it into shape, it makes a beautiful, rich loaf. We will just have to see if the weather holds. The unstable temperatures in my kitchen make this one a challenge to get just right, and I am not always quite able to nail the fermentation that 5PM cutoff time requires, especially during the one-man whirlwind of mixing and baking that goes on around here on Thursdays.

I will have pasta as well.

See you Thursday, 5-7 PM on Main Street!

--Erik Ryberg

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