Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bread for Thursday, December 15

This Thursday I will have, at least, plenty of Country French, some sourdough rye sandwich loaves, and a few loaves with the remainder of my golden raisins. I just finished one of these from last week (last week's had toasted walnuts in it, too), which I have been toasting every day for breakfast. What a great way to start a dark, frigid, December day! A bit of coffee and a slice of raisin-walnut toast covered a bit extravagantly in butter -- after that, still standing at the counter, I can usually gather my thoughts enough to start a fire and prepare something more substantial.

I have an order for one of the large Country French miches, the huge 3-kilo rounds I sold at Thanksgiving; if you ever want one, just let me know 36 or so hours ahead and I can make you one. Note they weight three kilos at scaling, prior to the bake (three kilos is about 6.5 pounds). I actually don't know what they weigh after they come out of the oven. The standard Country French loaves are scaled at 1 kilo, so the miches represent three standard loaves.

I can often make other items on special order that you have seen or sampled. Just let me know.

--Erik Ryberg

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