Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bread for December 22

I have made some promises to people regarding cranberries, it seems, so I will make one or two varieties with cranberries. One might be a whole wheat.

This time of year -- the very darkest time of the year, as it happens -- everyone needs a bit of a pick-me-up. Including me! I am out of the golden raisins but have re-supplied my walnuts, and I have some fennel and anise I may end up using, probably in a semolina bread. I've never put cranberries in a semolina-based dough before, but I will probably try a few.

As always, there will be Country French and some pasta.

I have several large orders for those French shortbread cookies that I have been making so many of, so I'll bring the leftovers along and probably a batch with chocolate. I may have something involving ginger.

I have been experimenting with a few savory items, mainly cheese-based, and if I get them perfected in time I will have a few of those. I probably cannot afford to give them away, but I'll try to keep the price low. Bring a spare dollar bill if you think you might like something like that.

See you Thursday!

--Erik Ryberg

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