Monday, November 21, 2016

Bread for Wednesday, November 23

I have been surveying some customers about the best bread to go with turkey, as it seems my own opinion on the matter (Country French) is not widely shared.

This week I will of course have plenty of Country French on hand, at least for subscribers, but I will also have a generous amount of sandwich loaf bread. I've been asked for a rye and I just got some rye flour in, so there will be a rye sandwich loaf along with a cranberry. I may do both a straight cranberry and a cranberry walnut.

Those of you who will be hosting large gatherings may want to consider the 3-kilo miche, an example of which I had on display last week. It is a single loaf of my pain au levain (Country French) scaled to 3 kilos prior to baking. My friend Michael and I cut into the one I had last week after I closed and it was exceptional, even better when he offered up some of his home-brewed stout.

I will probably make one or two of these for Wednesday.

I have a few other surprises I have been playing around with, but we will have to see if I am able to fit them into the baking schedule, which gets pretty tight on Thursdays, especially when I need the oven at different temperatures (like the battleships it resembles, my oven does not exactly turn on a dime -- reducing the temperature can take up half the afternoon).

See you Wednesday on Main Street at Five P.M (till Seven).

--Erik Ryberg


  1. Can I add two pastas please? Can you reply and confirm so I can have a plan B if I can't thank you

  2. Hello Kellie, I have two pastas reserved for you along with the 2 cranberry walnuts. See you this evening!