Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bread for Thursday, November 3

I got another 50 lbs of semolina flour, so I will make a semolina/sesame seed recipe, most likely in a sandwich-style loaf. I will also have a whole-wheat round, made as always from the locally grown and milled Running Rabbit Mills wheat.

And as always, the country french boules.

I will have pasta and possibly a few savory pastries, and hopefully something sweet. As my regular customers know, I am not always able to get pastries out in time. This is because I only have the one oven, and it takes quite some time to cool from bread-baking temperatures (~500F) to pastry temperatures (~350F). I am still struggling with a way to do this, and I fear the only decent solution is to get a second oven, which I cannot presently afford. It would be nice, however, to bake pastries in a real pastry oven, instead of the red-hot battleship of a bread oven I am currently producing them in.

I hope to see you Thursday, 5-7 PM, on Main Street!

--Erik Ryberg

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  1. Hi Erik

    We will be gone this week. Did I give you enough notice to pass this week?