Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bread for Thursday, December 1

I'm a little short on whole wheat flour this week, which may mean some adjustments in the normal routine (I hope to be getting more in tomorrow, I just don't know yet). If you really want Country French and you are a subscriber who is going to be a bit late, let me know and I will try to save one for you.

Usually enough of my subscribers opt for something else that anyone who wants Country French will be able to get it, but that might not be the case this week toward the end of the evening.

I will also have sourdough rye sandwich loaves, probably a (sourdough) walnut and golden raisin loaf that might be a batard or might be a sandwich loaf, probably a few loaves of challah, and if the stars align the way I think they will, a hazelnut and fig sourdough.

I will probably whip up a small batch of the French Sable cookies I had last week, this time for sale, and I probably will also have something chocolate lying around since that's what I will want to be eating around 6 PM when I start to get cold.

I have been experimenting with my sourdough pizza dough. I am working on a formula that lets me offer my customers dough that they can take home and refrigerate and then bake on either Friday or Saturday night. The nature of sourdough is that if you keep it refrigerated it will slow down (but not stop) its fermentation a great deal, so if I get the timing right it should make a good pizza in a 24 to 36-hour window starting on Friday night. (I have been eating a lot of pizza lately, trying to perfect this formula.) Look for it in another week or so.

See you Thursday from 5-7 PM!

Update: I received whole wheat flour this morning (Wednesday), so there will be no shortage of Country French for subscribers.

--Erik Ryberg

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